Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not now then Never

Do Do, a monkey bottle feeding a two month old tiger cub Aorn at a zoo of Bangkok was the highlight of the tabloid recently..what a touching moment it was!!Everyone was stunned on seeing this odd but an adorable combination.A monkey and a tiger cub,the combination of two sounds totally indifferent.All of us touched on seeing that it is not only humans who can emote but animals also know the language of love.Irrespective of the fact that this cub Aorn when grow up might make his caretaker DO Do his first prey…but still he is tenderly taking care of the cub.How lovely it is to see this unusual but somehow cute camaraderie.Can we get to see such a unique combination anywhere in real life?Can we think of someone who will take care of us regardless of whether we will reciprocate in the same manner or not?Can be imagine someone being so generous and kind to forgive us everytime we do mistakes?Do you people know  about anyone or anything like that?

My answer is “Yes” I do know about such a place where you can fearlessly make any mistake and no one will scold you.A place where you have freedom to have your say and one gets enough freedom to express his views.An entity where people like me keep making mistakes and people like our mentors,evaluators and most importantly listeners keep correcting us by giving their feedback only to boost our confidence.No one ask you “Why”?In this positive learning environment one can only grow more and more.The perfect laboratory where one can hone his skills in every aspect whether it is about speaking skills,listening skills and critical thinking ability.It is an ever growing and ever learning process at “TOASTMASTERS”.A place where one can gain without losing anything.So much one can get to learn being at Toastmasters which selflessly render its services in shaping up a “Toastmaster of Today and a Leader of Tomorrow”

Lets  pay our tributes to our mentors and those people who have given us these moments of WoW!!

Speak  up.We are Listening.